Monday, 11 November 2013


We are organising a social at Nature in Art on Sunday November 17th from 11.30 onwards.
The Social will coincide with the launch of the new book 'Birds of Gloucestershire'. The actual launch takes place on Friday November 15th. but much of the art work will be on display at Nature in Art in a dedicated exhibition.
The 'artist in residence' is Peter Partington SWLA, a master of bird art, and a great friend of TWASI and Nature in Art. So this will be an opportunity
Please let John Horton know if you wish to come to this event so that we can give numbers to Jenny for catering.

Contact John Horton via


Friday, 1 November 2013


Jamie boots has forwarded his grapite drawing which was shown at the Gorilla Event exhibition described in the earlier post. Jamie works on a medium weight Fabriano paper and he creates a subtle expressive range of tone and texture. The title of the drawing is 'Contemplation'

Saturday, 26 October 2013

GORILLA EVENT - Nature in Art

Wolfgang Weber Mountain Gorillas, Africa.
I went to see the Gorilla Organization (G.O.) exhibition last week.  It was a small exhibition organised by Phred Newberry which showed wonderful examples of gorilla themed artwork. The most striking was a watercolour print by Wolfgang Weber. It was also nice to see Jamie Boots – a TWASI member – showing one of his detailed graphite drawings. I’ve emailed him to send me a JPEG to put on this post too.  


The exhibition was part of a 2-day event to publicise how G.O. is working to protect our endangered forest cousins. There is a full report about the Gorilla Exhibition on Phred Newberry's website .

Monday, 21 October 2013



I went to Nature in Art last week to meet Shelly Perkins who is a Digital Painter and was the artist in residence. After all the publicity given to David Hockney’s use of an iPad I was surprised to find that Shelly’s computer set up is simple – she currently used a standard desktop PC and a scanner.

She starts her project by making a set of pencil or ink drawings. These may be of leaves, flowers, insects, or other wildlife. Then she prepares watercolour studies for background features or animals and birds that will be important elements in her composition. These studies are her working drawings which she imports onto separate layers in Photoshop. Using the software she is able to transform her layers by resizing or applying transforms - rotations or reflections. Colour can be added or modified as well. Interestingly she often adds colour onscreen with a standard mouse.
The final step is to merge the layers and save the file for printing. Two examples of her work are given below. Visit Shelly's website to see the full range of her digital creativity.

Yarrow Spread Flat

The Ugly Duckling

Thursday, 10 October 2013

VISIT TO UPTON WARREN 6th September 2013

Posted by Valerie Briggs

Upton Warren Reserve Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

After the shock of the Christmas display at the shopping experience where members parked, you had to walk through it to the restaurant for coffee, the stunned TWASI members emerged into brilliant sunlight and recovered their wits!!

Then a fantastic day as the weather was wonderful and members attending were rewarded by a brilliant male kingfisher fishing and resting outside one of the hides about 15 metres away. I had my eye fixed to a scope watching the kingfisher bashing fish on his fishing post before consuming them, but just look at the fixed stance of TWASI members entranced by his visit of over 20 minutes duration.

Thank you Sarais for organising the day.

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Gloucester Weekend

I think the past weekend was the best we've had for years, & I certainly really enjoyed myself.
Full marks to Nature in Art, it's a marvellous resource and all the staff are such good friends to the Society.

We had a pretty concentrated two days of working, and I think the workshops, talk and critique were excellent.
I always seem to gain knowledge just from working together with like-minded artists, seeing how others work and swapping tips about media and methods, so I came home inspired to try out all sorts of things as soon as I can find time - and I must remember Greg's advice not to procrastinate but just get on and do it!
It was great fun to meet members from other areas, and talk was definitely a large part of the value of the weekend - I hope we can put on one just as good next year.

Sarais Crawshaw